Below is a list of all the treatments we provide and the respective prices. Click treatment headings to expand treatment information and pricing. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us directly.

Facial Treatment Device – iBeauty

Thalgo’s iBeauty Facial Treatment Device combines 3 Technologies of sound-vibration, ultrasound and radio frequency for 5 instant facial results: purity, firming, hydration, radiance and wrinkle plumping.
With the effective combination of proven technology and targeted formulations, your skin will be lifted and firmed from the first session! Suitable for all skin types.

iBeauty Purity Reviver

This express and highly effective facial, suitable for all skin types but particularly good for oily and combination skin, is a latest generation balancing treatment. The ideal combination of marine cosmetics developed specifically to work in synergy with iBeauty, enriched with zinc, together with dual sound vibration and sequential ultrasound technologies, removes impurities and restores perfect balance to the complexion. The skin is healthier and brighter from the very first session.

30 Minutes – $75.00

iBeauty Hydration Corrector

Treat your dehydrated or tired skin to this facial. Starting with a thorough cleanse, the skin is then exfoliated using a combination of Peeling Solution, a marine cosmetic developed specifically to work in synergy with iBeauty, and sound vibration technology, leaving it perfectly clean and ready to absorb the highly effective I HYDRATE which is pushed deep into the skin using draining, infusion and stimulating manoeuvres with the ultrasound technology. The treatment concludes with an application of cream and skin is left fresh, bright and deeply hydrated from the very first session.

45 Minutes – $90.00

iBeauty Wrinkle Corrector

Fighting against all types of wrinkles, deep, marked wrinkles and expression lines. This mechanical stimulating effect for precise work on wrinkles is reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Your facial journey begins with cleansing and exfoliation using Peeling Solution followed by I PLUMP to restore youth and finishes with I SMOOTH, the skin is smoother, the appearance of wrinkles is visibly reduced.

45 Minutes – $105.00

iBeauty Anti-Ageing Activator

This anti-ageing facial is perfect for anyone looking to defy time and restore a rejuvenated look to their skin. Using marine cosmetics developed specifically to work in synergy with iBeauty, the skin is cleansed and exfoliated with Peeling Solution in conjunction with sound vibration technology. An application of I PLUMP together with use of radio-frequency stimulates the fibroblasts to restore their original youth functions. The complexion is smoother, lines are plumped and skin tissue is firmer.

45 Minutes – $100.00

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