Corrective Deep Lines Refining Serum- 30ml


CORRECTIVE RANGE: With more than 25 tested substances and studies on 2000 combinations, SKEYNDOR created CORRECTIVE an award-winning real alternative to botox and fillers

After countless years of research, more than 25 tested substances and studies on 2000 combinations, Skeyndor created the award-winning Corrective range, a real alternative to botox and fillers. Inspired by the world’s leading medical aesthetic treatments, Corrective plump’s out deep wrinkles rejuvenates the facial expression and relaxes facial muscles, resulting in an overall soft and youthful complexion. Ideal for mature skins with deep wrinkles and expression lines.

Corrective Deep Lines Refining Serum: SUITABLE FOR: ALL SKIN TYPES

The perfect serum for treating lines and wrinkles. Packed full of actives, this expertly formulated Corrective Serum has skin lifting peptides and skin fill-in substances to help smooth deep wrinkles and expression lines.

Corrective serum which refines, fills and decontracts the deepest wrinkles and expression lines, thanks to its combination of peptides and active agents that relax the appearance of your face to show smooth, renewed skin. Contains the PEELING technique together with a powerful DECONTRACTING action. Designed for all skin types.

After the usual cleansing, spread a few drops of the product with soft circular movements, putting emphasis on areas with wrinkles. Caution with eye contour.

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