Dark-Spot Correcting Concentrate – 14ml x 7


UNIQCURE CONCENTRATES: A new era of personalised skincare is within your reach. New concentrates, essential for your daily beauty ritual. The UNIQCURE ampoules boost the beauty benefits of your other beauty products. With more than 35 active ingredients specially selected and optimised with SKEYNDOR technology to achieve extraordinary results in your skin.

DARK SPOT CORRECTING CONCENTRATE – 14ML X 7: Skin colour corrective ampoule to help reduce melanin formation and distribution, and the accumulation of lipofuscin, a pigment of ageing. Perfect for skins with moderate dark spots, pigmentation, dark skin and/or sallow skin.

With the progression of ageing, dark spots can appear on your face and skin tone can turn yellowish. Skeyndor has created Dark-Spot Correcting Concentrate for you. A skin colour corrective concentrate which softens the appearance of dark spots, pigmentation and unifies skin tone, lightening the yellowish tone which appears with age. Perfect or porcelain-like skin.

HOW TO USE: Open the ampoule, put the applicator in position and then apply the product to your hands and spread over face, neck and cleavage with smoothing manoeuvres. Carry out an energising massage with correcting effect, applying pinches. Set the product with the palms of your hands and apply your usual or recommended cream.

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