Redensifying Filling Concentrate – 14ml x 7


UNIQCURE CONCENTRATES: A new era of personalised skincare is within your reach. New concentrates, essential for your daily beauty ritual. The UNIQCURE ampoules boost the beauty benefits of your other beauty products. With more than 35 active ingredients specially selected and optimised with SKEYNDOR technology to achieve extraordinary results in your skin.

REDENSIFYING FILLING CONCENTRATE – 14ml x 7: Skeyndor presents a next-generation Redensifying Filling Ampoule. See your skin completely transform with a more vital, fuller and denser appearance. Inspired in corrective aesthetic medicine. Recovers your facial volume.

A redensifying ampoule for a 3D skin fill effect. A powerful cell promoter helps to simulate, fill and rejuvenate the skin from the inside out. Inspired by corrective aesthetic medicine. This ampoule helps recover facial volume. For skins which are fine or show loss of firmness, with vertical wrinkles (laughter lines and neck).

HOW TO USE: Shake the ampoule, open it, put the applicator in position and then apply the product to your hands and spread over face, neck and cleavage with smoothing manoeuvres. Carry out an energising massage with correcting effect, applying pinches. Set the product with the palms of your hands and apply your usual or recommended cream.

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