Eye Treatments

Give your eyes some love with these indulgent eye treatments. The skin under our eyes is thinner than the rest of the skin on the face and therefore needs to be treated differently to the rest of the face

Using eye creams, masques and patches specifically formulated for this skin, your eyes will feel great after an eye treatment.

You can also add eye treatments on to any facial as an add on at a special add on price. (See ‘add ons’ in the menu section for pricing)

Radiance Eye Treatment

An intense eye treatment to assist in eliminating the look of dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, wrinkles and dehydration, leaving the eyes feeling relaxed and looking radiant. This treatment consists of a gentle cleanse on and around the eye area, followed by a gentle exfoliant safe for the eye area, a gentle stimulating massage using a targeted eye cream and a 10 minute double masque which includes a collagen eye masque on the eyelids, hyaluronic patches under the eyes and a lavender eye pillow over the top to calm you and block out the light. We finish off the treatment by applying an eye cream specific to your concerns.

TIME: 30 Minutes
COST: $56 


Power Hyaluronic Eyes Eye Contour & Lashes Treatment

SKEYNDOR Eye Contour & Eyelashes professional treatment strengthens and enhances the eyelashes, uplifts eyelids and intensely firms the eye area to significantly diminish wrinkles. In addition, it addresses puffiness and dark circles to leave the eye area refreshed and rejuvenated way beyond expectations.

The eye mask is applied like a batman mask covering the entire area above and below the eyes, the crows feet and nose to target all this delicate skin.

This is the perfect treatment for eye contour with visible signs of fatigue or age as well as weak eyelashes, thin or short.

TIME: 30 Minutes
COST: $66


Eye Expert Massage Goggles
This eye treatment consists of a gentle cleanse on and around the eye area and we then apply the massage device which goes on like a pair of goggles and has different setting options to either vibrate, pulse or massage the eye area, you can choose which one feels best for you. There’s the option to use a gel mask underneath the googles which can be made hot or cold depending on your preference or concerns. This ultra-relaxing treatment reduces puffiness and helps to stimulate, detoxify and drain the eye area. Your eyes will be left feeling more relaxed and looking less tired.

TIME: 10 – 15 Minutes
COST: $15 -$20


Eye Fit Workout

This 10 minute stimulating eye massage is designed to work out the entire eye area including brows, bags under eyes, crows feet, brow bone and in between the brows.

We do massage movements such as tapping, lifting, smoothing, figure 8’s and friction to help increase blood circulation, drain, detoxify, drain stagnant blood (which causes dark circles), lift, hydrate, help with lymphatic drainage, de-puff and smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

This treatment feels AMAZING and will leave your eyes looking much brighter, younger, lifted, filled and feeling more awake.
This is a great treatment for clients with anti ageing concerns around the eye area or clients who look at a screen all day.

TIME: 10 Minutes
COST: $40