Swedish Massage

This 1 hour Swedish full body massage is perfect for those feeling tense, stressed and tight or those just in need of some relaxation.
We commence your massage with a hot towel to the feet.
We use light- medium pressure with long effleurage strokes on the backs of the legs, we then move onto the full back helping to release any tension. After 20 minutes laying on your front, you will turn over and have a an eye pillow placed over your eyes to help calm and relax you. We do our signature massage on the shoulders, neck and décolletage with some light neck stretches. We then move onto arm and hands, then the fronts of legs and then feet. We reserve an extra 5 minutes to allocate to areas of concern otherwise the final 5 minutes will include a relaxing head massage.
We use a blend of two hydrating moisturisers as our signature salon touch. Massaging with these moisturisers will leave the skin feeling fresh and hydrated so it’s a skin treatment aswel as a muscle treatment.

TIME: 60 Minutes
COST: $90