We were featured on MammaMia – You Beauty Podcast! 

How do we get the perfect tan to last?

How much can we sweat? Is a long shower going to take our tan off? How much exfoliation should we be doing?

These are the questions Shazzy answers on today’s episode. She sits down with the director of Dolce Vita Beaute to chat about how to get the perfect, long lasting fake tan!

Spray Tans

We are experts in tanning, making sure our clients get the most natural spray tan suited to their requirements. Our solution base colour is chocolate to suit all skin tones and to ensure you won’t go orange. We can cater to all time schedules with wash off being as quick as 45 minutes.

We do a face to face colour consultation at the beginning of every spray tan booking once we see your skin tone to advise the best tan for your circumstances and colour preference.

Prior to getting your spray tan, we advise that you shave or wax if needed, exfoliate well, wear loose dark clothing and wash your skin well so it is free of any product or oils. We can go through everything else on the day in the face to face consultation.

We use Australian owned brand Vani-T for our spray tanning. Vani-T’s focus is not only about tanning but also about skincare, their tans perform the double duty of giving a professional flawless tan with the benefits of skin firming and age-fighting ingredients. The tanning solutions are rich in natural Australian botanicals, Vitamins and 8x decadent oils, they also have Caffeine, Guarana and Hyaluronic acid to improve skin tightness, firmness and hydration.

Vani-T’s Spray Tan solutions are:

-95% natural, free from harmful chemicals, cruelty free and vegan, have advanced transdermal delivery for the perfect fade, have a natural odour inhibitor for zero smell, offer a flawless, professional streak free finish with true to life colour, are long lasting with a sweat proof formula which allows perspiration to pass through the tan instead of removing it, have a chocolate base to suit all skin tones, are quick drying with a non-sticky formula and are made in Australia.

We have 3 different tans to choose from- Medium, Dark or Ultra Dark all with a chocolate base to suit all skin types and prevent your tan from going orange. The only choice you need to make is how dark you’d like to go.

The 3 colour options have different DHA %’s to determine how dark you’d like to go. All of our tans are 1-8 hour express using the tanning scale below. We will choose the correct tan for you during the colour consultation to ensure you have your perfect tan.


1 hour- light tan

Up to 4 hours- medium tan

4-6 hours- dark tan

8 hours+ – ultra dark tan

Liquid Sun Medium 1-8 hour Tan

10% DHA

(Colour Base: Chocolate- to suit all skin tones)

COST: $52


Liquid Sun Dark 1-8 hour Tan

13.5% DHA

(Colour Base: Chocolate- to suit all skin tones)

COST: $52


Liquid Sun Ultra Dark 1-8 hour tan

15% DHA

(Colour Base: Chocolate- to suit all skin tones)

COST: $52